ECO Awards

The award was launched in 2018 by ECO foundation. The noble idea is to empower and inspire young female students to pursue a career in neuroscience. To this effect, ECO Foundation offers an annual award to the best female neuroscience student in Nigeria.

Previous Award winners

2018 Awardee

2019 Awardee

2020 Awards...

Who's next?

4th National Annual ECO Awards

Nwankwor Chidiebere

2020 Awards...

Who's next?

WIN Nigeria Mentorship Circle

The WIN Nigeria mentorship circle is a platform that connects neuroscience professionals with women who are interested in building a career in neuroscience related fields.

Eco Awards is a symbol of our commitment to developing women who can bring meaningful contributions and solutions and assist in the development of neuroscience in Africa. 

We honour students and professionals who have proven that they are committed to growing their careers in neuro related disciplines

“Join WIN to win!”

Chinna Orish, FOunder WIN Nigeria