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Women in Neuroscience was founded on the 2nd of March, 2018 by Orish Chinna (MBBS, PhD). The idea was conceived in the Women in Neuroscience luncheon during America Society of Neurochemistry Conference in Arkansas, USA 2017 after an erudite mentorship lecture by Prof. Dana Mc Tigue, Vice Chair of Research department of Neuroscience Ohio State University, US


To empower women to optimize their careers in neuroscience.


  • To improve networking opportunities for women in neuroscience
  • To encourage excellence by ECO award.
  • To build capacity in STEM through outreach and public engagement.
  • To run a Neuroscience Journal club.
  • To advance women in neuroscience by organizing lectures& workshop
  • To disseminate information on grant opportunities & post- doctoral training.
  • To encourage women to attain high level of professional achievement.
  • To encourage & teach women to have work-life balance
  • To discuss the challenges that women face in moving through the ranks of academia
  • To promote leadership among women

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Our membership spans from eminent & very well established neuroscientists to undergraduate students who are starting to develop their interest in neuroscience. We have an inclusive policy and would encourage any person with a prerequisite and professional interest in Neuroscience to become a member of WIN Nigeria


 Espirisa Chinna Orish (ECO) Foundation Award

 The award was launched in 2018 by ECO foundation. The noble idea is to empower and inspire the young female students to pursue a career in neuroscience. To this effect, ECO Foundation offers an annual award to the best neuroscience student and best female neuroscience student in Nigeria.

Find a list of previous awards here.

WIN Childcare Travel Award

The WIN Childcare Travel Award is a one-time grant created to support neuroscience professionals caring for young children to enable them travel to and participate in career building programs, conference and workshops.

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